Honors Recitals


The RPTG/NYSMTA District 12 Gold Cup Festival takes place at Nazareth College and several other locations in Rochester each January.  Students prepare and perform two pieces for a panel of judges, and earn evaluation and awards in events such as Piano Solo, Vocal Solo, Piano Duet, Piano Concerto, etc. 


From all auditions, we ask judges to select a group of approximately sixty students who have achieved outstanding auditions and to recommend they be recognized as Honors Students, as well as invite them to perform in an Honors Recital at Nazareth College, usually a week after auditions.


This is an exciting event and a very big honor for our students!  Best of luck to all!


* Judges have no access to information about students such as the teacher, educational    institution or years studied.  The selections are made upon evaluation of audition and decision making between the two judges in each audition room.


* The student’s teacher will be notified the evening after auditions are completed at Nazareth College by email.


* The teacher will be responsible for all communication between recital organizers and the students and families in a timely manner so that we have time to program recitals.


* There are typically three recitals to accommodate the number of students selected. 


* Students who are unable to perform in the Honors Recitals will still receive a certificate of recognition.


* Recital attire is expected for all performers.


* Recital programs will be limited to approximately one hour each.


* Families are expected to remain in the hall during recital time.  Many of our families are busy and have many commitments.   We understand if families have commitments elsewhere and cannot perform in the recitals, or stay for an entire recital program.  If your student and family cannot stay for an entire recital length, they should decline recital participation and the teacher will receive the the Honors Certificate to be awarded to that student.