Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  Can parents write a check directly to RPTG? 


A.  Please write only one check for all of your students made out to Rochester Piano Teachers’ Guild.  The only exception to this would be for teachers from Eastman Community Music School, who are prohibited from doing this. 


Q.  How do I know what pieces to select?  How do I know what each level represents?


A.  Instead of providing lists of required pieces, we have a guideline that can assist you. Use the "Contact Us" google form (the link is on this site's HOME page) to send an email if you need these guidelines. 

     You can also use resources such as the current or past NFMC Festival bulletins, the National Piano Teachers Guild, or even RCM syllabi to assist you when selecting pieces.


Q.  How long are the auditions?


A.  Each student is given approximately ten minutes during which the judges will hear their audition and mark the rating sheets appropriately.  Some students will require less time than this. 


Q.  May I write the judges a note about special circumstances regarding a student?


A.  You may not address judges about any student either in writing, or in person.  If your student has a special circumstance that needs addressing such as physical or developmental issues, then the Specially Capable Musician Category may be considered.  All applications for SCM must be sent to the festival organizers to consider.  See the menu tab at our website for Specially Capable Musician for instructions and applications. 


Q.  When will I receive my students’ scores and awards? 


A.  Rating sheets and awards will be distributed within 30 days following the student's festival date.  


Q.  How will I know if my student has been selected for the Honors Recitals? 

A.  The Honors Recital committee will contact teachers of selected students no later than the Monday night after the festival weekend. 

     It is the teacher's responsibility to notify the student and family, obtain their RSVP, and confirm with the Honors Recital organizers.